Dearest one, you deserve a business filled with beauty, abundance, and grace that thrives in the power of sisterhood.

An Online Women's Circle
& Business Training
Step into the sacred space of circle work and expand your capacity to 
give, receive, and grow in business and life. 

You can feel your soul desiring to unleash the true essence of you. 

You have witnessed the play and gentleness of magic. 

You are remembering that it is your birthright to use you the ancient wisdom of the divine feminine in your business through your services and sacred experiences. 

You are ready to claim that you are a modern day medicine woman, light weaver, mystic, and sorceress. 

If this is you (or if you desire this for your own business) then I invite you to join me for this potent, sacred journey as we deepen your circle knowledge.

An Online Women's Circle
& Business Training

Virtual web portal will includes 8 modules with videos
and in-depth circle rituals + practices.
Private Facebook Group for deep, soulful sisterhood connection and support.
Rachel Adams
Sacred Circle Foundation was, in a word, life-changing for me. 

I had gathered in circle with Sora several times prior to registering for the Foundation, and knew when I saw the offering that it was something I needed… I just had no idea what profound shifts awaited inside. As I watched the videos and read the messages, I felt myself grounding into a new awareness, a different model for growth, community, and healing than any I’d previously known. By the time I reached Pillar 21, I was feeling the power of circle medicine change the way I approached my work and my life: more integrative, more communal, more magical in a deeply heart-led way. I am more confident and secure in my business and more connected than ever to the divine feminine potential within myself. 

Circle medicine is powerful, and the Sora’s Sacred Circle Foundation is a sacred portal through which that beauty, magic, and power flows.

Elle North
Sora is the Badass Empress of Sacred Business, the Mystic High Priestess of Sisterhood, the Cosmic Goddess of Sovereignty and Grace.  

I have worked with Sora both virtually and in-person, and what I love the most about her is how she is able to see you in your fullest potential. Sora divinely illuminates potent wisdom and action steps which in turn open cosmic portals of opportunity and expansion into realms beyond what you thought was possible. 

Sora has the ability to intuitively feel into your essence, your intentions, your desires, and your business and guide you from a deeply grounded place towards creating the kind of life and work you desire. She meets you where you are energetically and shows you what is possible and guides you on a path of deep up-leveling. In an empowering way, Sora leads by example in how she runs her business as an expression of circle, and in how she has truly shifted the paradigm in how she shows up as a leader, as a sacred space holder, and as a friend. Sora has truly taught me the power of sisterhood in the way that she shows up with such love, devotion, and joy in our relationship and in circle.

If you are looking to fully step into a role of leadership and claim your power as a changemaker, Sora is the sister you are looking for to guide you forward on your journey in a way that honors all of the magic within you.

Module 1: Opening
Module 2: Exploring
Module 3: Deepening
Module 4: Closing
Module 1: Grounding
Module 2: Connecting
Module 3: Birthing
Module 4: Transmitting
This Sacred Circle Foundation is for you if...

you desire to craft personal rituals
you are committed to deepening relationships with other sisters
you weave time to be fully present for the work
you desire to deepen your relationship with your muse
you yearn to create circle and need encouragement and guidance
you are unclear as to what your own unique circle medicine looks like

This Sacred Circle Foundation is not for you if...

you are not ready to meet your soul medicine on this circle journey
you do not desire to craft your own unique sacred rituals
you are unwilling to create time to do the circle work
you are unable to commit to your own circle practice
you cannot be fully present 

Receive bonus gifts from me just for signing up.
All of below presents are my way of expressing my gratitude for your willingness to be part of this journey. 

Sacred Mandala Coloring Book
Soul craft nourishes your intuition and supports the creative process. Enjoy this gorgeous coloring book. 

Sacred Circle 21-Pillars Notecard
Receive in the mail a gorgeous notecard with the Sacred Circle 21-Pillars as a reference tool.

Sacred Circle Foundation Ritual Guide
Collectively we shall drop in and open our training space with a ritual. A beautiful guide will be shared with you before our first gathering. 

Sacred Circle Checklist
Desire to know what you need to bring with you when holding a circle or crafting sacred space? Here is a checklist for you.

Our guest sisters have generously gifted you with sacred presents to support you on the SACRED CIRCLE PATH. May you feel loved, abundant, beautiful, and sacred. When you enroll in Sacred Circle Foundation, you shall receive all of the below bonus practices as part of your course.

Aligned Meditation Album
Connect to your chakras, harness the energy of crystals, experience the power of stillness within with this beautiful full-length crystal meditation album.
Divine Feminine Presence
With insights from some of the worlds most successful female entrepreneurs who are embracing the Divine in their life every day, this ebook will leave you feeling uplifted, soulful and deeply connected to yourself.
Gratitude Meditation
This Gratitude Meditation will help you tap into your magical ability to create your reality. Gratitude is the fastest way to feel abundant – and abundance manifests more abundance!
Wisdom Principles
Live your highest potential
Refine. Create. Thrive.
Self Branding
A multidimensional approach to branding ourselves by honoring WHO we already are.
Inspiration Tracker
The inspiration tracker is intended to help you take note of what times of day you are primed to work on certain projects.
Mandala Creation
Calling in clients through the expressive arts, energy and magic.
Mythic Self Initiation Guide
A three part ritual to help women connect with their sensual + mythic selves.
Sensual Meditation
A Meditation To Wake Up Your Senses & Connect you to your Sensual Siren

Divine Mother Mantra Meditation
Tune yourself to the vibration of the Divine Mother and experience more ease, grace, and support in co-creating the sacred business and radiant life you so deeply desire. 
5 Minute Ritual
"Heart Gaze Ritual' to awaken to the infinite fire of love, creativity, and vitality that exits in every human being.
Morning Ritual
Your morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. Shift from overwhelm and self doubt to a greater sense of purpose and balance in just 5 minutes a day

Dear soul sister,

I love you. I love everything about you. I love the exterior beauty that resides for the world to see. I love the interior layers that you openly share with only your close friends and family members. I love the hidden rooms that are tucked away in the most deep, complex layers of your system that not many (including yourself) have been invited to explore. I love the little boxes of treasures that lie within those rooms that unlock the truest gems that are part of your soul.

Will you allow myself and the other sisters in Sacred Circle Foundation to witness you taking the beautiful steps in unlocking all of yourself, holding sacred space for women in your tribe, and deepen your connection with your business? 

Will you be open to seeing and experiencing the miracles that occur when you say a deep YES to healing, service, gratitude, and sisterhood? 

I see you. I feel you. I love you. 

Sarajane Case

Space holder is the word I think of when I think of you. 

You allow room for people to be true to themselves and cultivate a magic that provides a ton of clarity. I have learned that whatever feels good to me is totally OK. That my business can be an act of play. That women coming together is one of the most beautiful and magical experiences that can exist. In my experiences with you, you embody intentionality, play, and organization. Everything you do seems to have that combo of sacred magic and thoughtful organization. 

I'm most grateful that you are someone in my life that speaks with both wisdom and magic. You allow room for us all to be both badass forces to be reckoned with and to still celebrate life as we would when we were children. 

Thanks for the work you do Sora! 
The Sacred Circle Foundation is the first part of the Sacred Circle Path. 
The first invitation to deepen into the impact of circle work and connect with a sisterhood of 
bold changemakers.
If your body is tingling, your heart is open, your stomach is in knots, 
and your soul says YESthen I invite you to register for Sacred Circle Foundation.

Ginny Muir
My reverence for Sora, and all that she is, grows more with each day I know her. 

Her tireless devotion to creating a world where women experience themselves -- and each other-- as magic inspires and astounds me. She never stops serving, never stops creating, never stops weaving the web of golden threads that connects powerful women to one another (and to the planet, and to the mystery). 

But here's the best part: that tirelessness is actually pure life force fire. This work is no longer "work" for her. As she resurrects this new paradigm of sisterhood from its ancient roots, Sora is fully in her flow. She knows who she is. She knows what she's here to do. She is living her sacred service, and it is so integrated into her being it seeps out of her pores. It is a gift, an honor and an activating force to be in the presence of such embodied leadership. She elevates me. She elevates all the women she comes into contact with. Without ever looking down at anyone. 

Quite simply, to sit beside Sora as a client, a colleague or a friend is mysterious and powerful. She's got the Thing. The tapped-in, multidimensionally-connected, wisdom-soaked, Truth-revealing THING. Magic happens in her circles. The quantum field is listening. She has a way of Seeing that will sneak up on you and knock your socks off. She can take a group of strangers and create authentic, heart-open, healing connection in under an hour. She can read, track and shift the energy of a single human or a room full of them without batting an eye. 

I love how she blends confidence and humble grace. How she firmly but lovingly midwifes women into a remembering of who they really are. I've seen it happen. It has happened to me. Held in her gaze, women really, truly REMEMBER. 

Her style of leadership is entirely unique to her: feminine and fierce, innovative and ancient, soft and unwavering, mystical and practical, powerful and full of laughter. She is always ready with that insanely addictive giggle and yet... she does NOT mess around. 

I adore her and feel immense gratitude every single day of this life to call her sister, teacher, co-creator, beloved friend.

The Sacred Circle Foundation course was magical. I took it intending to get some new ideas for the monthly women's circle I have been facilitating for a few years, and I got plenty of new, juicy tidbits to weave in. But the magic of circle work didn't stop there. It's been spreading into everything I do - from creating an opening ceremony for yoga teacher training weekends to designing workshops to simple, personal ceremonies, what I gleaned from the course is coming out in my work. And Sora's beautiful energy is with me, too. When I am alone, getting centered, I can hear Sora saying, "Hello sisters!" and I feel as if I am in circle with her, safe and held, and totally able to do this work.

On a side note, I received the Sacred Ceremonies course as a bonus, and I half watched the Blessingway ceremony because I couldn't think of when I would ever use it. Then, three weeks ago, one of my yoga students messaged me because her good friend, another of my students, is due soon and they just had the idea to do a Blessingway for her and would I do the ceremony? I paid much more attention to the video the second time around and I lead the ceremony and it was absolutely beautiful. I had 8 days notice to put it together, but it came together perfectly. I guess the Universe worked that all out. 

Thank you Sora!
Debbie Philp
When I first came across Sora's offerings I had no idea what Women's Circles were or how they would benefit my life - but I listened to that feeling deep within my belly that called me to this work and took the plunge. As a woman who craved soulful connections through Sisterhood and desired to play within the realms of Magic I felt I had found my tribe for the first time in my life. Sacred Circle Foundation is a valuable resource for the modern day priestess looking to expand her magical toolbox, and a guidebook for the divine feminine warrior looking to reclaim the wisdom of her ancestors. From drumming to sensual movement to luscious rituals and divine ceremonies, Sora guides women back home to themselves through this sacred work. This is more than a class - it is a Community. A blessed home. And a place to blossom as a soulful feminine leader. I would highly recommend this work to any woman looking to deepen her spiritual practices by bringing her own unique medicine into the world. 

Kristin Lewis
Sora Surya No shares with her whole heart - her whole Being - without hesitation. To circle in the awe of such spaciousness and grace, is an immense light to the world and gift for your future self, as the Divine Feminine becomes more fully into form. Sacred Circle with Sora has opened my capacity to journey more freely alongside others, sharing my authentic self that had long since been in captivity.

I feel more connected, alive, and empowered while woven deeply into a sacred weft of wise, wild {and wonderful} women. THANK YOU Sora, for opening this portal of awareness and ancient wisdom in such an accessible way. I feel more free and encouraged to step forward in the sovereignty of my own magical Being, and presence greater connection within our world. 

Rain Martin-Ross
I started leading sacred circles for women less than a year ago and I needed guidance. To my eyes, the circle practice represents the sacred feminine, whereas the guidelines and the practical issues represent the sacred masculine. In the Sacred Circle Foundation, I learned to trust my intuition, while at the same time I deepened into the activities and steps to build up the circle energy and create a safe space. 

For the women who have heard the calling of the Sacred Feminine, for all those who wish to guide other women to a journey of their true and radiant self, Sora is a transformational circle holder gifted with the ability to weave the sacred into everyday life. The way she lavishly shares knowledge and resources will make you feel embraced in the arms of sisterhood and held by her loving energy.